Computers for Florida’s Kids Request Form

Use this form to request computers for your organization. By completing and submitting this on-line form, you are agreeing that:

  • you are Florida-based,
  • you are a non-profit or not-for-profit organization (private or parochial school, public school, faith-based organization that serves children’s needs, a community-based organization that serves children’s needs, or other type of organization that serves children’s needs
  • you must fax a copy of your 501(c)3 or articles of Florida incorporation or other paperwork proving your organization’s existence to 850-410-411.
  • the number of computers is based on availability
  • that the awarding of computers is based on the information you provide in this form or other information we may request of your organization,
  • you must pick up the computers from the correctional institution (CI) closest to you. Currently Cross City CI in Dixie County is the only institution providing the computers.

Items marked with an asterik (*) are required.

C4FK Form
Form to Request Computers from Computers for Florida's Kids
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