Donate Your Used PCs

To provide PCs to organizations serving children’s needs, we must first accept PCs so they may be refurbished.

If you would like to donate your used servers, PCs, monitors, keyboards, and mice, please contact the Corrections Foundation at 850-717-3712.

We may be able to arrange for pick-up from your location. Before calling, please make sure your equipment meets the minimum standards below.

You also may be eligible for a tax-deduction, which benefits you or your company.

Donation Acceptance Policy

We accept the following items


We accept PCs with a minimum 1 GB of RAM and/or six years old or newer.


We accept servers with dual-core Intel Xeon processors with a minimum 2 GB of RAM and a CD drive

Peripherals (Working Condition)

  • color monitors
  • keyboards
  • mice
  • power and monitor cables
  • CD/DVD/BD drives
  • hard drives
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