March 16, 2011

1st Annual DC Doggie Dash

1st Annual DC Doggie DashDownload Race Results (PDF) | View and Purchase Photos | View Map of the 5K Run | View a Map of the 1 Mile Run

The 1st Annual DC Doggie Dash was simply incredible. Thank you for coming out to support the Dept. of Corrections programs for dogs and our wonderful K-9 Units. This is what your support will allow us to do:

Seven Dog Obedience and Training Programs will recieve $500 each to benefit their programs. Typically these programs service 12 dogs every 8-10 weeks and they have a 100% placement rate for shelter dogs needing another chance at a forever home. One program trains golden retriever pups for 18 months to be service dogs for the disabled.

FOR MORE INFO ON ADOPTING A NEW BEST FRIEND from one of these programs go to and click on the Leon County Animal Service Center. Look for HART and UTOPIA dogs.

Five Dept. of Corrections K-9 Units received a GPS Tracking Collar (valued at $600 each) to ensure the safety of thier dogs when they are tracking to find missing children, elders, escapees and assisting local law enforcement locate fugitives on the run. They are called out more than 600 times a year to support our communities.

Thanks you again from every one of our 75 fantastic volunteers for coming out and showing your support. Race results are being compiled and will be available early tomorrow.

As this was our first race, please send any comments and suggestions, critiques to We are looking forward to improving next year and your comments can help us make this event even better for you.

From our race director Chuck Davis and all of our volunteers, THANK YOU!


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