$45,950 Raised for Family of Greg Malloy

Col. Greg Malloy

Col. Greg Malloy

After I sent out last week’s update that DC officers and staff have donated $45,000 for the family of Col. Greg Malloy, RMC sent – that day – $526.95, raising the total to $45,526.95 $45,826.95 $45,950- see notes below.

We very much thank you and all DC officers and staff for your support of one of our own. The original goal was $30,000 – and DC responded with “that’s too low.”

Update 1: $300 arrived June 17, 2011 – grand total now is $45,826.35.

Update 2: After full accounting, a total of $45,950 has been raised and will be given to the family trust.



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