Eight New GPS Collars for Bloodhound Teams

The reason the Corrections Foundation exists – our very purpose – is to support the programs, policies, and employees of the Florida Department of Corrections. Simply stated: everything the Corrections Foundation does is for the benefit of the Florida Department of Corrections.

We accomplish this through the Employee Assistance Program, as well as raising funds, accepting grants, and serving as the fiduciary for funds that must go through a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation.

To this end today we received eight new GPS collars for our bloodhound teams at institutions around the state. A ninth one we received will be awarded at the FCCD walk/run in Destin at the annual conference.

A special thanks to Lori Nassofer and the Animal Welfare Foundation who has donated well over $130,000 in support of DC’s IG’s K9 units, institutional bloodhounds, and canine programs, such as Paws on Parole at Gainesville CI and UTOPIA at Wakulla CI.

We look forward to continuing to capably performing our role in support DC.



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