A “Thank You” We Received From a Recent Recipient

Everyone – It is difficult to know how to begin. As you know, I was recently presented with a check from the Foundation by my Administration. How in the world is it possible to thank all of you for this? Sometimes you don’t even know how far down you are until someone reaches down and pulls you up. It is difficult fighting those feelings of helplessness, fear, panic and self-doubt, particularly for such a long time. I also realize that there are so many others who are fighting that fight – our own family down South whose lives are being torn apart.

When I first came to the Department in 1997, I worked as the first OPS employee for the Foundation. Sheila may remember me. I kept hearing about the “DC Family,” and was, quite frankly, pretty skeptical. However, over the past 14 years, I have learned and re-learned what that means. I have been extraordinarily blessed over the years to know some pretty remarkable people. We live and work in a unique environment – we are public servants, custodians and stewards of the public safety, and each other. I am truly proud to be a part of what we do and of what we represent. I pray that I may repay, in some way, this kindness, and I will work and be mindful always to be worthy of it.

Sergeant at Wakulla CI



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