Secretary’s Bulletin: New Deputy Secretary and Legislative Affairs Director

I am pleased to announce that soon a new Deputy Secretary will be joining our Department. Florida Department of Law Enforcement Professionalism Program Director Michael Crews has a long history in law enforcement to include corrections. After graduating from Florida State University with a BS in criminology, Deputy Crews was a correctional officer at Apalachee CI and the Tallahassee Work Release Center prior to serving as a probation officer in Tallahassee.

Following his service with the Department of Corrections, Mr. Crews joined FDLE in 1987 and has worked in training and research, criminal justice information, served as Bureau Chief of the Standards and Professionalism Program and oversaw the development of the Foundational Leadership Program.

Deputy Crews has an impressive record and is excited about joining the Department of Corrections team.

In addition, Legislative Affairs Director Allen Mortham has resigned to pursue other opportunities. Former legislator Will Kendrick will replace Mr. Mortham.

Director Kendrick was elected to the Florida House of Representatives in 2000 and served in that capacity until 2008, when he was term-limited out. Well respected by his legislative colleagues and constituents Director Kendrick’s legislative experience will be invaluable to our agency.

Most recently, Director Kendrick has served in a similar capacity for the Florida Parole Commission.

Please join me in welcoming Deputy Crews and Director Kendrick to the Florida Department of Corrections.

And to our Veterans and their families, Happy Veteran’s Day.




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