Governor Closes State Offices on Friday, Dec 23rd!

Memo from Secretary Tucker:

Per the direction of Governor Rick Scott, Florida Department of Management Services Secretary Jack Miles has announced all state executive buildings will be closed on December 23, 2011.

All employees released from duty December 23, 2011 will be paid administrative leave. Because there are essential services that the state must continue, those employees who are required to work that day will be permitted to take an equivalent amount of administrative leave within the next six months. Any leave not taken by June 30, 2012, will be forfeited.

And a clarification on eligibility and use:

We have received clarification from DMS that this applies to all employees of the state personnel system.  Employees who must work on the 23rd will not be eligible for special comp, but will instead be allowed to use admin leave at some future date (as long as prior to 6/30/12).

We currently have a requirement that employees must take special compensatory leave in lieu of any other type of leave other than sick leave, however this block of admin leave will be an exception and  admin leave may be taken even if the employee has special comp leave on the books (again as long as it is used prior to 6/30/12).



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