Storms Champions Amendment to Help Save Hillsborough Correctional Institution

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Amid another challenging year for Florida’s state budget,
several correctional facilities are slated for closure by the Florida Department of
Corrections (DOC), among them was Hillsborough Correctional Institution (HCI), a
women’s faith-based prison located in Riverview, Fla. Inmates are scheduled to move to
the Lowell Correctional Institution in Ocala, Fla., in the near future.

The Florida House of Representatives put funds into its DOC budget for HCI, and on
Thursday, Senator Ronda Storms, R-Valrico, successfully amended the DOC budget in
the Senate’s general appropriations bill to include $2 million in nonrecurring general
revenue funds as a maintenance appropriation for HCI. The amendment, which passed
unanimously, enables the facility to make necessary repairs and renovations.

“There are only a handful of faith-based facilities in the state, and we should be doing all
we can to replicate this program,” said Storms, who has worked tirelessly this past year to
save the prison. “The programs at this facility are like no other, and the inmates are

HCI has more than 400 volunteers from surrounding communities who routinely serve as
mentors for inmates, helping to rehabilitate and equip women to re-enter society. The
facility has what is considered a very low recidivism rate.

“They are doing things right,” added Storms. “Hillsborough Correctional Institution
deserves the state’s support so they can continue to improve lives. I am proud of the
bipartisan support we saw this week.”



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