Posted on March 18, 2012

2nd Annual DC Doggie Dash Race Results & How to Get Photos

2nd Annual DC Doggie Dash

Thanks to everyone that participated in the 2nd Annual DC Doggie Dash.

Race results are published at the Gulf Winds Track Club's website.

Congratulations also go to all ten Department of Corrections' K9 units that participated - they all won Garmin GPS Rino Handheld Units for their K9 units to better coordinate and assist in tracking missing children and elderly and assisting law law enforcement.

Those winners are:

  • Liberty Correctional Institution (CI)
  • Madison CI
  • Gulf CI – 2 teams
  • Franklin CI – 2 teams
  • Hamilton CI
  • Charlotte CI
  • Tomoka CI
  • Wakulla CI
  • Suwannee CI- 2 teams
  • Century CI

If you have pictures or thoughts from the Doggie Dash please share them on the event's Facebook page, at Picasa, and at Herb Willis' Facebook page here and here.

Also, Endurance Imaging will be contacting runners via email when finish-line photos are ready. In the event you didn't provide your email when you registered or want to make sure you're notified, register here.

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