Membership Holds Steady at 82%

DC has 1,058 fewer employees than when the campaign began in February yet our membership has held steady, despite DC’s loss of employees. We started the campaign with 20,384 members or 80% and currently have 20,249, or 82% of all DC officers and employees.

Every location – prisons and and circuits – increased membership, even though many of them lost employees during this time period.

Before and After Membership Campaign Statistics
Number of Employees Number of Members Membership Percentage
January 2012 – Start of Campaign 25,640 20,384 80%
May 2012 – End of Campaign 24,582 20,249 82%

Since 1999 the Corrections Foundation has provided over $4.5 million in assistance to over 3,700 officers and employees. This fiscal year we’re on track to provide $600,000 to over 550 employees.

This is all made possible by DC’s officers and staff, sponsorships, and other donations.



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