A “Thank You” from a Member

Dear Warden Coker & Corrections Foundation Members,

Words cannot express our heartfelt appreciation, for the assistance we recently received from Warden Coker and the Corrections Foundation for unexpected financial difficulties endured. Cullen our 19 month old son has been hospitalized 3 times in the last 6 months. He spent his first birthday in the hospital and was released a week later which was the day before Thanksgiving.  Each time our son has been rushed to the hospital by EMS requiring time spent in the intensive care unit.  After our most recent hospitalization, our son was referred to a Specialist; where he was diagnosed with severe asthma and an unknown immune system deficiency. Cullen is doing well but our journey is far from over; it is going to be tough, but we will do anything for our boy. We encourage any DOC employee who is not yet a member to join the Corrections Foundation.

Michael & April Gallagher



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