Just a Reminder – We’re Here to Serve You

Just a reminder – the Corrections Foundation is the non-profit support organization specifically for Florida Department of Corrections‘ officers and staff.

We’ve served DC since 1999, providing almost $5 million in assistance to 4,500 employees, both members and non-members (though non-members get only minimal assistance of $100).

This year alone we will have provided $421,000 to 437 officers and staff.

If you or an employee/officer you know is facing a crisis situation please feel free to contact us at info@correctionsfoundation.org or at 850-717-3712 to see if the situation fits our criteria, which is available at http://www.correctionsfoundation.org/employee-assistance-criteria/.

Requests must go through the respective Warden’s, Circuit Administrator’s, or Director’s office for proper vetting.

Once requests get to us we typically process checks – if approved – within 2-3 business days, with some checks sometimes being processed and sent same-day.

While it’s true not every situation presented to us fits our criteria, we do try to work with the person affected to see if we can help and frequently request additional information.

We’re happy to serve you and all DC officers and staff.

As a reminder: all contributions stay in Florida, are invested in Florida, and go back to help you and other officers and staff inside the Department of Corrections.

As always if you have any questions please feel free to contact us:



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