Correctional Officer Memorial Fund

From Securus:

During the upcoming American Jail Association (May 5-8th), Securus will announce the creation of the Correctional Officer Memorial Fund to support the grieving families by honoring those fallen while serving correctional institutions across the United States.

Securus will provide financial assistance matching the annual salary to the families of those who have lost their lives supporting the industry we share. In no way can this assistance ever replace the loved ones lost, rather the desire is to offer a token of gratitude honoring the sacrifice made and lessen the financial burden placed upon the families. This fund will be supported wholly by Securus Technologies and will these funds will be made available as needed each year.

All of Securus current customers are opted-in to this program. Nothing is required of our existing customers. These funds are only for corrections officers who are employed as nonadministrative  officials, losing their lives while actively on the job.

Starting next week at the AJA, Securus requests your support in communicating the availability of this fund across the Securus customer base, in the unfortunate chance it needs to be used. This program will be commemorated at the AJA with brochures and giveaways to raise additional awareness.



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