Privatized Health Services Employees Can Continue Membership and Benefits with the Corrections Foundation

With the privatization of health services employees, we’ve received many questions regarding how employees separating from the Department of Corrections (DC) and joining the private health care providers can remain members of and receive benefits from the Corrections Foundation.

We understand that change and uncertainty can be a stressful to those affected and we wish to provide continuity for those facing a change in employment status. Corrections are family and we wish to continue serving those who serve corrections.

We’ve prepared this short question-and-answer list and for health services employees separating from DC and who will be joining the private health care providers.

1. I’m being privatized. Can I still be a member of the Corrections Foundation?

Yes, you can still be a member of the Corrections Foundation. However, as we do not have a payroll deduction option with the private health care providers you will need to join as an annual member and renew annually.

You can join on-line – which is the easiest and best way to join – at

You may also download the annual membership form.

2. Can I still request and receive assistance through the Corrections Foundation though I’m working for a private health care company?

Yes, as long as you are providing services to the Florida Department of Corrections you may request and receive financial assistance through the Corrections Foundation using the same process and procedure as you did while being an employee of DC.

3. I don’t want to continue my membership when I leave. How can I cancel?

Simply do nothing. When you separate from DC your payroll deduction and membership will automatically cease.

4. If I let my membership lapse, can I join at a later time?

Yes, you can re-join later using the information in question one.

5. I have a question that’s not covered. Who can I contact for more information?

You may contact the Corrections Foundation at 850-717-3714 or at You can also visit our website at



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