October is National Save for Retirement Month!

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We strongly encourage all officers and staff to take part in the State of Florida’s deferred comp plan to help prepare for retirement.

Contributions are pre-tax meaning what is contributed toward your deferred comp is taken out before taxes are applied, ultimately reducing your tax burden.

October is National Save for Retirement Month!
Enter retirement proud and certain with Deferred Compensation.

Saving for retirement is so important and so easy.  “National Save for Retirement Month” is an excellent time to ensure that you are saving enough for your retirement years ahead. Deferred Compensation is a state managed plan that allows you to save and invest funds into a retirement savings account with tax benefits. Begin saving now and watch your account grow. OPS and FTE personnel are eligible as well. If you are already in the plan, increase your contributions in order to take full advantage of the program.

Top 3 Reasons to Save for Your Future…

Reason #1: Take action! The sooner you start saving for your future, the easier it is to reach your goals because of the benefits of compounding. The power of time and compounding interest makes the money you save today more powerful than the money you save tomorrow.

Reason #2: Lower your taxable income! Every pre-tax dollar you contribute to the plan is one less dollar you include in your annual taxable income!

Reason #3: Your savings grow tax-deferred. This means you don’t pay taxes on any earnings until taking a withdrawal from the plan. The money you would have paid in taxes gets the opportunity to grow and compound for your future.

Enroll Online Today…

Enrolling in Deferred Compensation is easier than ever with the Electronic EZ Enrollment Form. Visit our webpage at www.MyFloridaDeferredComp.com, and click the “enroll now” button to complete and submit the EZ Enrollment Form. You may also print and fax it to the Deferred Compensation office at 1-877-299-8002 or contact your investment company(s) directly
(see below).

The minimum contributions (deducted before federal taxes are withheld from your pay) are $10 bi-weekly or $20 monthly. Contact the Deferred Compensation office or an investment provider about rolling-in other retirement plans you may currently have such as traditional IRA’s, 401(k)’s, and 403(b)’s.

If You are Already Enrolled…

Increasing contributions will help you reach your retirement goals much faster. Even contributing a little more will go a long way. To increase your contribution, contact the Bureau of Deferred Compensation toll free at 1-877-299-8002 or contact your investment provider(s) directly.

National Save for Retirement Month! – October 2013

Online Enrollment Available

Online Enrollment Available

T. Rowe Price

Great West Financial
Online Enrollment Available

Nationwide Retirement Solutions
Online Enrollment Available

Charles Schwab
Online Enrollment Available through Nationwide

Download the flyer.




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