August 6, 2014

Region I Dog Program Summit - You're Invited

Agenda | Registration Form | Promotional Flyer

The Corrections Foundation along with the Dept of Corrections Office of Education and Gulf Correctional Institution is hosting the 1st Dog Program Summit on September 9th at Gulf Correctional Institution and Forestry Camp. Come share what your DC dog program is doing and learn from other programs in the Region. The dog obedience programs from Region I, institutional program staff, shelter/humane society program staff and volunteers, warden’s, assistant wardens, classification staff and others interested are invited to join us. We ask that you register by August 22nd so that we can compile a list of attendees for Gulf CI, prepare for lunch and any needed security clearances can be obtained.

We will begin the day at the Gulf CI Forestry camp where we will see a demonstration by the inmate trainers and a class of dogs in the DAWGS program that are almost ready for adoption. Then we will go to the Administration Training Building for lunch and the remainder of the training that is set to include speakers from Gulf CI DAWGS program, a highlight or best practice from each dog program represented and a training on Dog First Aid by Jay King. See attached agenda.

We ask that each program come prepared with a 5 minute presentation to share one practice that has been successful and we ask that you provide a hand out to participants regarding your program and the successful practice you share. Please send your handout to me and I will make copies for attendees -

This is a free event and lunch will be served, so please RSVP soon and no later than August 22nd. We are looking forward to this “think tank” event and hope you will make plans to join us.

Feel free to share the attached flyer and registration form with those who may be interested in attending, especially those directly involved in your program, and let me know their email address so I can add them to the invitation email list.

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