$313,800 to 281 Officers and Staff Since July 1, 2014

Since July 2014, the Corrections Foundation has provided $313,800 to 281 employees in need. Situations have included critical health, cancer, house fires, tornado damage, kidney transplant, heart surgery, newborn babies in ICU, accidents with injuries and much more.

This assistance is only possible through the generosity of more than 16,870 members. We are grateful for your support of this program that assists your fellow co-workers in the most difficult times of their lives.

If you know of a co-worker in need, whose situation meets our criteria athttp://www.correctionsfoundation.org/employee-assistance-criteria, please let your warden or circuit administrator know so that they can submit a request for assistance to us.

Remember: your donations stay in Florida, are invested in Florida, and go back to help your co-workers in times of need!



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