May 6, 2015

Photos and Results from Tails and Trails 2015

Thank you to everyone who competed in the K-9 Competition in the 14th Annual Tails and Trails 5K on Saturday. It was a beautiful day, great event for a wonderful cause. 25 shelter pets were adopted that day and the event supports the Animal Shelter Foundation that serves the DC Prison Dog Training Programs at Taylor CI - UTOPIA and Wakulla CI - HART.

Thanks to our generous donor, The Animal Welfare Foundation, Garmin GPS Tracking Collars were awarded to each of the 29 institutions represented. Top awards were also given to 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place Teams.

Place   Team           Time            Name                             Time


Gulf CI 01:06:53        Easter, Tony    M28     19:48.21

Cobb, Christopher       M35     21:40.60

Butler, Chase   M24     25:24.22


Santa Rosa CI 01:08:11  Carter, Donald  M28     20:35.30

Gilbert, Christopher    M32     23:47.97

Chandler, Joshua        M28     23:47.97


Suwannee CI     01:10:32        Horne, Bobby    M32     23:04.72

Bispham, William        M33     23:04.97

Stratton, Brandon       M24     24:22.15

Thanks again for DC's great participation. 34 K-9 Teams (102 runners), 20+ other staff participated and lots of great DC volunteers were involved.

You can view photos from the race on our Facebook page.

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