Corrections Foundation Ready to Assist FDC Officers and Staff after Irma Passes

Donate to Support FDC Officers and Staff

The Corrections Foundation stands by ready to assist Florida Department of Corrections’ officers and staff after Hurricane Irma passes.

If you are affected by Hurricane Irma, please notify your warden, circuit administrator, or appropriate supervisor to put an Employee Assistance Request in.

These institutions and offices will, as soon as they feasibly can, collect all requests and send them to our office for processing.

We will focus our assistance on those who suffer catastrophic losses and major damage to homes and primary vehicles. In addition, we will provide assistance to non-members at the same level as members.

While our offices are closed Friday, September 8 and Monday, September 11, we will reopen when state offices in Leon County re-open. Our first order of business is to prepare emergency assistance checks for affected employees. We will send these checks via FedEx to institutions and circuit offices for distribution to employees affected.

For offices in and around Leon County, Corrections Foundation staff have offered to deliver checks to offices or meet designated staff at a half-way point, where time and safety allow.

We certainly hope and pray that all are safe and that there is little damage, but we want you to know we stand by ready to assist you as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Corrections Foundation Staff
Chris Akins
Sheri Logue
Sheila Logue



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