December 11, 2020

Special Casual Days

During the week of December 21st-24th, all non-uniformed staff may observe casual dress days (or special dress days).

Secretary Mark Inch has also designated December 28th-31st as special casual days to benefit the Corrections Foundation. For a minimum donation of $5, non-uniformed FDC staff may dress casual on all working days that week.

For a donation of $5, non-uniformed employees may wear jeans from Monday, December 28th through Thursday, December 31st. Friday, January 1st is a holiday.

You may make your donation using the form below or at

A receipt will be sent to you acknowledging your donation, allowing you to participate in special casual days. 

Over the past 22 years, the Corrections Foundation has provided over $8.7 million to over 9,500 FDC officers, staff, and contractors in times of natural disasters, accidents, critical illness, and death. 

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