Posted on August 29, 2023

Corrections Foundation Ready to Assist Those Affected by Hurricane Idalia

With Hurricane Idalia threatening Florida, the Corrections Foundation is on standby and is well-positioned to assist any FDC officer, employee, or contractor impacted by the storm.

The Corrections Foundation can provide assistance to those who suffer a total loss (defined as the primary home cannot be lived in or the primary vehicle driven now or in the future) or major damage (defined as repairs must be made before the home can be lived in or the car be driven).

Financial assistance provided is:

  • $1,000 to members who suffer a total loss of primary home and/or vehicle
  • $500 to members who suffer major damage to primary home and/or vehicle
  • $100 to non-members for total loss or major damage to the primary home and/or vehicle.

Should you need to request financial assistance, you can do so through your Warden, Circuit Administrator, or Central Office Director. We have sent our disaster relief form to all Regional Directors, Wardens, Circuit Administrators, and Central Office Directors so they should be prepared to collect your information.

Please note we do require pictures for proof of damages and proof of address when submitting a request for assistance. These must be submitted at the same time you place your request for assistance.

We do not assist with loss of food, damaged fences, boats, sheds, or structures not attached to the home.

Please read our full criteria for disaster relief at

We will also post updates on our FacebookTwitter, and Instagram pages, as needed, so please follow us on social media.

If you have any specific questions send an email to

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