How To Give

There are several ways you can donate to and support the Corrections Foundation. This page makes it easy for you to find the best way and easiest way for you to support your organization.

Membership for FDC Employees and Contractors

If you're a Florida Department of Corrections employee or contractor, you can join online. All donations are put in the Employee Assistance Program and can only be used for that purpose.


Donate to Support the Employee Assistance Program

You can donate to support officers, staff, and contractors through the Corrections Foundation's Employee Assistance Program. All funds donated to this program are only and can only be used for this purpose.

Learn More and Donate to the Employee Assistance Program

Donate to the Corrections Foundation to Support a Program

You can donate to support FDC inmate programs. These programs provide skills for inmates to use when they're released.

Learn More and Donate to FDC Programs

Facebook Birthday Donations

You can designate the Corrections Foundation as a recipient for donations for your birthday.

Go to and type in "Corrections Foundation Inc" and follow the instructions.

It only takes a moment of your time and supports the Corrections Foundation.

Memorial Donations

You can donate to the Corrections Foundation in memory or in honor of an individual.

Learn More and Make a Memorial Donation

All donations to the Corrections Foundation are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. Donations made to specific programs are used only for those programs, i.e, donations made to the Employee Assistance Program are used only for the EAP and can not be used for other purposes. Donations made to prison programs can only be used for prison programs.

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