Employee Assistance

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The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is the flagship initiative for the Corrections Foundation.

Established in 1999, it exists to directly and immediately financially assist Department of Corrections employees in times of crisis and emergencies.

Types of emergencies and crisis include: assistance in traveling to an immediate family member's out-of-town funeral, injury in a auto accident to an employee, an employee's spouse, or one of employee's dependent children; loss or injury due to a house fire; and medical expenses due to a serious injury or illness for an employee, employee's spouse, or one of the employee's dependent children. Your donations will help keep this vital program growing. You can download a detailed description of our criteria.

DC employees' fund the Employee Assistance Program through membership dues either by annual membership of $52 per year or a minimum payroll deduction of $2 per pay period by payroll deduction.

The Foundation assists officers and employees of the Department when family emergencies occur through this program. The goal of this program is to provide immediate assistance when the need is most critical.

Formal requests for financial assistance must be made through the appropriate Warden, Circuit Administrator or Central Office Director. Requests - whether recommended or not - are then forwarded directly to the Corrections Foundation for final determination.

Staff must be a member of the Corrections Foundation to receive consideration for maximum financial assistance. However, any DC employee who is not a member of the Corrections Foundation but is in crisis and meets the current eligibility criteria can request one-time assistance of $100 by contacting their Warden, Circuit Administrator or Central Office Director.

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