How to Request Employee Assistance

Please read the Employee Assistance Criteria to make sure the situation you seek assistance for fits.

Employees may submit a formal request for assistance by writing a letter or email to their warden or circuit administrator.

For the most part, if an employee is facing a critical illness, medical crisis, substantial medical bills, accident with injuries or house fire, or out of state travel for a family emergency, the Corrections Foundation will review the request for assistance.

If the employee is not available or is too ill to request assistance on their own behalf, a co-worker or supervisor may submit a request for them.

We encourage members to seek assistance when life’s situations lead to financial difficulty due to illness, accident or other crisis. Your employees/officers are instructed to approach their Warden or Circuit Administrator’s office to initiate a request for assistance and we wish to assist in making this process as easy as possible.

They should provide their warden or circuit administrator with a short letter describing the situation and asking for the Employee Assistance Request Form to be submitted to the Corrections Foundation. The Employee Assistance Request Form is made available to every Warden and Circuit Administrator by the Corrections Foundation.

Once the request is completed it should be emailed to for final review and check issuance.

We often assist the same day we receive a request, so the process can take less than a week to assist an employee in need.

If you know an employee in need, whose situation fits the Corrections Foundation criteria, please encourage them to ask for help. If you have any questions at any time feel free to contact the Corrections Foundation staff at 850-717-3712.

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