Membership Cancellation Form

The minimum membership donation change to $2 per pay period only affects those who currently donate less than $2. If you are a Protector or Leadership member or otherwise donate $2 or more per pay period , you are not affected.

Each year, through membership, we are able to assist roughly 500 Department officers and staff going through the worst times of their lives, typically we provide around $500,000 back to staff each year. This past year with Hurricane Irma devastating much of the state we provided assistance to 483 staff with $279,800 in the span of two weeks, using a good portion of our reserve funding to do so.

Our board of directors, comprised partly of many FDC employees, met and decided we’d like to be in a position to continue helping in that capacity when future storms impact our state. The only way to do this was to raise membership for the first time in 13 years and create a disaster relief reserve fund.

Your membership will still support the Employee Assistance Program, helping provide immediate assistance to staff experiencing critical health, house fires and other emergencies as outlined in our criteria.

Here’s how your contribution has helped your fellow FDC officers and staff:

2017 Total FDC Employees Assisted-Regular Assistance: 438
2017 Regular Assistance Total: $500,800
2017-Total FDC Employees Assisted-Disaster Relief: 483
2017-Disaster Relief Total: $279,800

Total Staff Assisted 2017 Calendar Year: 921
Total Dollars Paid Out 2017: $780,600

Total Amount Provided since 1999: $7.5 million 
Total Amount Assisted since 1999: 7,700

Use this form to cancel your membership if you do not want your membership contribution to increase to $2 per pay period effective March 16, 2018.

We will process your cancellation and you will no longer be eligible for full financial assistance should an emergency occur.

All fields are required to verify your information.

I do not want my membership donation increased to $2. I understand my membership will be cancelled within one to two pay periods and I will not be eligible for full financial assistance should an emergency occur in the future. I further understand I may still see an increase in my donation until my cancellation request is processed.

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