Sheila Logue, Program Director

Sheila Logue

Special Projects Coordinator

Sheila Logue, Administrative Director

Sheila Logue, Administrative Director

Ms. Logue retired in 2005 with more than 35 years experience with the Florida Department of Corrections. As Program Administrator and Foundation Board member she was instrumental in the growth of the Corrections Foundation, serving as Executive Director from 2001-2003.

Under Ms. Logue’s leadership the Foundation accomplished many worthwhile endeavors, including the increase of membership from 100 members to more than 12,800 members and the success of the Employee Assistance Program.

Sheila has developed a good rapport with Directors, Regional Directors, Wardens and Circuit Administrators in getting emergency employee assistance for their staff in a timely manner. Ms. Logue currently assists the Foundation with membership and special events as our program coordinator.



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